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Sustainability: sustainable concepts for a secure future

We are aware of our role for the future and responsibility towards future generations, which is why we contribute to climate neutrality. UnionStahl has developed a concept for a sustainable future.

We are working towards sustainable, resource-conserving and environmentally compatible production and operations.

We are reducing our emissions by using resources more efficiently. We are also investing in renewable energy sources and replacing our vehicle fleet.

We even contribute to sustainability through our main product: steel. It is very durable and versatile and can be completely recycled after its long service life.

What steps are we taking to achieve our goals?

Sustainable sourcing

European suppliers

We source our material almost exclusively from European factories. This is primarily due to the fact that they are subject to stricter environmental protection requirements than, for example, Asian producers.

European factories have committed to carbon-neutral production by 2045 or sooner and are participating in the global ‘Race to Zero’ campaign supported by the United Nations.

Some of our suppliers are already greener than others because their steel is produced by electric arc furnaces rather than blast furnaces.


Short transport routes

Our suppliers are based in Europe. Their proximity to UnionStahl leads to short transport distances, which is another way to keep CO2 emissions low.


Over 95% of deliveries by rail/strong>

UnionStahl strives to have its sheets delivered by train. Today, more than 95% of our stock is delivered by rail. This helps minimise our carbon footprint.

Sustainable internal operations


Our goal is to optimise workflows, conserve resources and operate sustainably by digitalising and automating our core processes. Our primary focus in this regard is on communication as well as process and logistics optimisation.

In purchasing, UnionStahl developed a streamlined digital process and is now completely paperless. All work steps from order entry to invoice verification are performed digitally via our enterprise resource planning system.

We are also seeing some initial successes in terms of sustainability in the warehouse and production areas. This is attributable to the fact that UnionStahl digitalised the goods receipt process. Besides saving paper, the advantage is that other areas of the company have access to real-time information on deliveries, which allows them to complete their tasks more efficiently. The order picking process is one of the next priority areas on our path to sustainable working. The goal is to map the entire process digitally. In an effort to improve internal logistics, UnionStahl reduced cross-traffic between the individual warehouse and production areas by optimising the use of hall capacities.

Our sales department is now paperless. Order processing is digitalised via our enterprise resource planning system. All documents (order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices and inspection certificates) are made available to our customers digitally. We offer our customers the best possible service. This also includes the option to collaborate digitally via an EDI interface.


Scrap recycling

100% of our scrap metal is recycled. This helps UnionStahl conserve natural resources, because scrap steel can be completely reused without any loss of quality. Another benefit is energy savings and reduced exhaust emissions. For the future, we see a potential opportunity in working with partners and suppliers to return the steel scrap to the production process.


Recycling of used pallets

Another element of our sustainability concept is the recycling of used pallets. By reusing them, we contribute to environmental protection. Furthermore, we conserve raw materials and energy resources.

Electric charging stations
Sustainable sourcing
European suppliers
Short transport routes
Strict European environmental protection regulations
Carbon-neutral by 2045
Over 95% of deliveries by rail
100% recycling of scrap metal
Recycling of used pallets
Electric shunting locomotive on factory premises
Electric and hybrid company cars
Paperless order processing
Glass water bottles
Water dispensers

Sustainability through the use of renewable energy

UnionStahl is currently looking at investing in photovoltaic systems and storage batteries.

Sustainability in training young people

Railway ticket

UnionStahl promotes the use of public transport by providing trainees with railway tickets to encourage young people to travel in an environmentally friendly manner.


Each trainee is provided with an E-Smart car for their training period.


Participation in the IHK ‘Energy Scouts’ project

Our trainees have been participating in the ‘Energy Scouts’ energy efficiency project by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) for several years. Their task is to identify where UnionStahl has potential for saving energy and resources. They have already established several weak points in the company’s daily routine, such as unnecessary paper waste. They also presented solutions and suggested improvements.

Sustainability in everyday business operations

Motivated employees

Our employees support UnionStahl’s path to carbon neutrality with their dedication and commitment. By actively participating and rethinking previous habits, we have successfully transformed daily operations at UnionStahl to be more environmentally friendly. Examples include waste separation and reduced paper consumption. The Chamber of Industry and Commerce’s ‘Energy Scouts’ project has contributed to this transformation.


Lighting throughout the company is gradually being converted to LED.


Mobility management

UnionStahl is switching to electromobility. Today, the majority of our sales representatives are already using electric or hybrid vehicles.

The goods deliveries that reach us by rail are transported by an electric locomotive on the company premises in Duisburg. It replaced our diesel locomotive.

The finished parts are transported by electric forklifts between the production areas.

UnionStahl offers its employees the opportunity to lease bicycles and e-bikes. With this programme, we’re not only protecting the environment, but also keeping our employees healthy and fit.

Overall, the mobility division makes a significant contribution to the company’s goal of carbon neutrality.


Charging infrastructure

Sustainable mobility requires a corresponding infrastructure, which is why UnionStahl invested in upgrading 14 charging stations at the Duisburg site.


Water dispensers and glass water bottles

UnionStahl provides employees with several water dispensers on the company premises, as well as glass water bottles. UnionStahl is thus actively involved in plastic and waste prevention.