April 6th, 2020


Dear Business Partners,


Currently, we all are being confronted with a very challenging situation, privately as well as commercially.

UnionStahl GmbH will continue their contribution of maintaining joint supply chains. In the coming weeks, we will continue to ensure that your supplies are guaranteed.

Due to its direct rail connection, the Federal Network Agency has nominated UnionStahl being a systemically relevant company. Therefore, Unionstahl remains able to supply, even in the event that official measures were to be tightened/increased.

For the protection of our employees and to maintain our operations open and running, UnionStahl has implemented numerous measures, such as having increased to a 3-shift-system in our service centers. The shift changeover takes place with sufficient time and physical distance between each shift.

Truck drivers are only allowed to enter our dispatch area individually after having filled out a health questionnaire and are compelled to wear protective clothing.

In the event that a truck driver does not possess or wear protective clothing, UnionStahl will provide protective closing.

To ensure adequate hygiene for the truck drivers, UnionStahl has set up separate sanitary containers, which will be cleaned and disinfected several times every day.

Should there be any delays, despite having taken all of the above mentioned precautions, UnionStahl will immediately inform you in detail.


Stay healthy!


With best regards,

Oliver Hillekamp                  Norman Sandrock