We supply optimised materials exceeding the standards to fulfil your orders:

  • Intermediate widths: 2.250 and 2.750 mm and overwidths: 3.250, 3.500 and 4.000 mm in SA36, SA283Gr.C, SA285Gr.C, SA516Gr.60/Gr.415, SA516Gr.65/Gr.450, SA516Gr.70/Gr.485 and SA537Cl.1
  • Lengths up to 16.000 mm
  • Plate compliant with ASME Sect. II Part A SA20 S5
  • Inspection certificates 3.2 LR for SA516Gr.70/Gr.485
  • Plate in SA516Gr.70/Gr.485 compliant with NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156-2: 2015
  • SA387Gr.12Cl.2, SA387Gr.11Cl.2, SA387Gr.22Cl.2 and SA387Gr.5Cl.2 with Impact test at -20 °C
  • Stocking of SA387Gr.12Cl.2, SA387Gr.11Cl.2, SA387Gr.22Cl.2 and SA387Gr.5Cl.2 with highest possible tempering temperatures
Steels according to ASTM/ASME standard
QualitiesThicknesses (mm)Widths (mm)Lengths (mm)Inspection certificates acc. to DIN EN 10204
SA 365 – 1102.000 – 3.500to 16.0003.1
SA283Gr.C*4 – 302.000 – 3.500to 16.0003.1
SA285Gr.C*4 – 302.000 – 3.500to 16.0003.1
SA516Gr.60/Gr.4153 – 2201.000 – 4.000to 16.0003.1
SA516Gr.65/Gr.450*5 – 3501.000 – 4.000to 16.0003.1
SA516Gr.70/Gr.485*3 – 3501.500 – 4.000to 16.0003.2 LR, 3.1
SA537Cl.16 – 2002.000 – 4.000to 16.0003.1
SA387Gr.12Cl.2*4 – 2501.500 – 3.000to 12.0003.1
SA387Gr.11Cl.2*5 – 802.000 – 3.000to 12.0003.1
SA387Gr.22Cl.2*4 – 1601.500 – 3.000to 12.0003.1
SA387Gr.5Cl.2*6 – 1002.000 – 3.000to 12.0003.2 TüV

ASTM/ASME steels

Our steels are qualified within the meaning of the international ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards system, but can also be deployed in the field of pressure vessels ASME BPVC (ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code).

UnionStahl stocks numerous ASTM/ASME steels. The larger part of the stocked grades are pressure vessel steels, thus making us an excellent partner for the production of pressure vessels, heat exchangers and floors.

Customers for the ASTM/ASME heavy plates and strips we stock come from the petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the food industry, waste management and power station engineering, and the energy and environment field or their suppliers.

UnionStahl stocks materials from renowned European manufacturers approved for deployment by major energy, and oil and gas sector players.

The ASTM/ASME steels supplied by us correspond to international standards and regulations.

Our plate stock is compliant with ASME Sect. II Part A SA20 S5. Moreover, the ASTM/ASME steels are vacuum degassed, fine grain practice and fully killed.

UnionStahl stocks ASTM A/ASME SA 516 heavy plate in as many dimensions as possible in order to optimally service all our customers’ demands Widths up to 4,000 mm and lengths up to 16,000 mm – these unusual sizes are not uncommon.

NACE requirements apply for sour gas applications in the oil and gas industry. Our ASTM/ASME plates comply with NACE MR 0175 and NACE MR 0103.

The ASTM A/ASME SA 387 steels are high-temperature and therefore suitable for use at high operating temperatures. Our plates are characterised by the notched bar impact bending test at -20 °C.


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Our services include subsequent testing processes, such as PWHT, hardness tests, tensile tests and notch impact tests, allowing us to meet a wide range of different and extensive customer specifications. We offer support in compiling your specifications and advise you in implementing your projects.