We supply optimised materials exceeding the standards to fulfil your orders:

  • Thicknesses up to 400 mm
  • Intermediate thicknesses: 7, 9, 11, 13, 14, 16, 18, 22, 28 and 32 mm
  • Overwidths: 3.500 and 4.000 mm
  • Lengths up to 16.000 mm
  • Unit weights up to 30 tonnes
  • Test certificates 3.2 DNV, 3.2 LR and 3.2 BV
  • F36/FH36: plates Z35 tested
  • Besides metal plate, we stock bulb flat steel in grades A, D36, E36, S355NL
Shipbuilding steels
QualitiesThicknesses (mm)Widths (mm)Lengths (mm)Inspection certificates acc. to DIN EN 10204
Grade A3 – 601.500 – 3.500to 16.0003.2 DNV, 3.2 LR
Grade D6 –1202.000 – 4.000to 16.0003.2 DNV, 3.2 LR
Grade E6 –1202.000 – 4.000to 16.0003.2 DNV, 3.2 LR
D36/DH364 – 602.000 – 4.000to 16.0003.2 DNV, 3.2 BV
E36/EH366 – 4002.000 – 3.500to 16.0003.2 DNV, 3.2 LR
F36/FH366 – 2002.000 – 3.500to 16.0003.2 DNV, 3.2 LR
EH408 – 402.000 – 3.500to 16.0003.2 DNV, 3.2 LR
Wulstflachstahl / Hollandprofil (HP)
QualitiesDimensions (mm)Widths (mm)Inspection certificates acc. to DIN EN 10204
Grade A, D36HP 80 x 5 – 430 x 15to 12.0003.2 DNV, 3.2 LR

Shipbuilding steel

Steel is one of the most important materials for the construction of new passenger and merchant ships and yachts, as well as for repairs and conversions.

Global trading has increased in recent years. Freight space is required to transport the goods. Compared to other options, transport by sea is the most economical. Moreover, cruises have been booming for years. This required, and requires, new ships to be built and old ones to be overhauled to meet demand.

Steels are produced solely for these applications. Shipbuilding steel is subjected to alternating loads. Temperature fluctuations, in particular, are not inconsiderable. Moreover, shipbuilding steel is easily weldable, has good elongation values and is not susceptible to brittle fracture.

Shipbuilding steel is divided into grades and approved by classification societies. UnionStahl stocks the following shipbuilding steel grades: A, D, E, D36, E36, F36 and E40.

UnionStahl is a reliable partner, because we have adapted our portfolio to meet the stringent material requirements. In addition, we also stock shipbuilding steels certified by all the usual certification agencies, thicknesses up to 250 mm, widths up to 4,000 mm, lengths of up to 16,000 mm and unit weights of up to 30 t.

In addition to plate, we are also your partner for bulb flat steel in grades A, D36, E36 and S355NL.