We supply optimised materials exceeding the standards to fulfil your orders:

  • Intermediate widths: 2.250 and 2.750 mm and overwidths: 3.500 and 4.000 mm
  • Lengths up to 16.000 mm
  • Surface compliant with DIN EN 10163 UG3
  • Thickness tolerance compliant with DIN EN 10029 class B or C
  • Inspection certificates 3.2 DNV and LR for S355J2+N and S355J2C+N
  • Plate compliant with DBS 918002-1/2 in S355J2+N and S355J2C+N
  • Plate compliant with AD 2000 W1
  • Ordering plate with limited analysis, e.g. to ensure better weldability
  • Additional notch impact test at -40 °C in S355J2+N, S355J2C+N and S355K2+N
  • Material on stock with ABV/Z/US test
General structural steels (as per EN 10025-2)
QualitiesMaterial No.Thicknesses (mm)Widths (mm)Lengths (mm)Inspection certificates acc. to DIN EN 10204
S235JR+AR1.00384 –1801.500 – 3.000to 16.0002.2
S235JR+N1.00383 –1501.500 – 3.500to 16.0003.1
S235JRC+N1.01223 – 301.500 – 3.500to 16.0003.1
S235J2+N1.01173 –1501.500 – 3.500to 16.0003.1
S235J2C+N1.01193 – 301.500 – 3.500to 16.0003.1
S275JR/J2+N1.0044/1.01455 – 1502.000 – 4.000to 16.0003.1
S355J2+N1.05773 – 3501.500 – 4.000to 16.0003.2 DNV, 3.2 LR, 3.1
DBS 918002-01/-02
1.05772 – 1001.000 – 3.500to 16.0003.2 DNV, 3.1
S355J2C+N1.05793 - 301.500 - 4.000to 16.0003.2 DNV, 3.1
S355K2+N1.05954 – 3502.000 – 4.000to 16.0003.1
S355JR/J01.0045/1.05534 – 2202.000 – 4.000to 16.0003.1, 2.2
Weather-resistant steels (as per EN 10025-5)
QualitiesMaterial No.Thicknesses (mm)Widths (mm)Lengths (mm)Inspection certificates acc. to DIN EN 10204
S355J2WP1.89461 –121.000 – 2.000to 12.0003.1
S355J2W+N1.89653 – 1201.000 – 3.000to 12.0003.1

About our structural steels

Non-alloy structural steels represent an economical solution for many applications.

These steels have yield points between 185 and 450 MPa.

The non-alloy structural steels are used in steel construction, pressure vessel and boilermaking, mechanical engineering and mould making, and are also employed in the construction machine sector and mining.

The structural steels stocked by UnionStahl are characterised by a limited chemical analysis. With this, we aim to meet our customers’ demands for improved welding properties. To allow our heavy plates to meet the demands for deployment at low temperatures, we warehouse S355J2+N, S355J2C+N and S355K2+N non-alloy structural steels with a notched bar impact bending test at -40 °C.

UnionStahl stocks structural steels with guaranteed bending capability in thicknesses up to 30 mm. They are identified by the C suffix on the quality designation.


Plate compliant with DBS 918002

UnionStahl stocks plates compliant with Deutsche Bahn’s Technical Purchase Specification. Our heavy plates meet the demands of DBS 918002-01 and are therefore suitable for use in rail vehicles. In addition, we stock structural steels that meet the demands of DBS 918002-02. They are primarily used in bridge building. Our extensive inventory is attested with 3.2 and sheets thicker than 30 mm are tested in the factory for hard facing bending. Moreover, DBS 918002-02 prescribes ultrasonic testing for thicknesses from 10 mm and rolled plate as testing unit from 16 mm.


Plates from weather-resistant steels

In addition, we stock weather-resistant steels. These offer protection against weather impacts. Thanks to the addition of alloys, the steels do not corrode uncontrollably, but form a corroded upper layer, which adheres firmly and thus protects against further corrosion. Because a corrosion protection coating can be dispensed with, costs and servicing expenses are reduced


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