The term construction machinery or “yellow goods” refers to machines to

  • prepare construction sites
  • transport building materials and construction machinery
  • execute a building project.

These include caterpillars, mechanical diggers, wheel loaders, pile drivers, mixers, concrete pumps, mortar machines, milling machines, pavers, planks, asphalt pavers, dump trucks, work platforms, drilling rigs, pipelayers, etc.

The diverse tasks carried out by these machines and machine parts require the usage of other steel grades than the general structural steels according to EN 10025-2.

Loader blades, excavator buckets, dumper skips, grippers and knife blades are mainly made of wear-resistant steel HB 400/450/500/600 in order to increase service life compared to normal construction steels.

High-tensile plates according to EN 10025-6 and EN 10149-2 are used inter alia in semi-trailer construction, vehicle frames, axle construction and bodywork components in order to save weight and thus reduce operating costs.

UnionStahl is a reliable supplier as we

  • stock a broad and deep range of these material grades
  • can adapt flexibly to our customers’ wishes and ideas
  • develop solutions together
  • supply the assemblies we manufacture directly for further processing to our customers’ premises (just-in-time and just-in-sequence).