Gemeinsam entwickeln wir Ideen für individuelle Lösungen

We are able to manufacture in line with customer requirements, thanks to our equipment and expertise. We provide all services from a single source. That means you benefit from our specialist knowledge and our experience in the sector. Together, we can work out ideas for individual solutions.


  • Maximum compressive force: 800 tonnes
  • Maximum bending length: 4.500 mm


  • Maximum thickness: 100 mm
  • Rolling width: 3.000 mm
  • Diameter (FM): 500 – 3.200 mm


  • Maximum unit weight: 10 tonnes / in exceptions 20 tonnes
  • Maximum dimensions: 1.500 x 7.300 mm
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  • Different diameters possible
  • Thread cutting


Welding process:

  • manual metal arc welding (MMA)
  • Metal active gas welding (MAG)
  • Tungsten-inertgas welding (TIG)


  • AD 2000 data sheet HPO
  • DIN EN ISO 3834-2 (EN 729-2)
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