Kundenbeispiel Creusabro UnionStahl

CREUSABRO 4800 steel used for conveyor pipes in tunnelling construction

Proper selection of the respective material is particularly important for large dimensions and long service life. CREUSABRO 4800 is ideal for this. For more than 15 years, UnionStahl has maintained a close business relationship with a company that is a world leader in tunnel construction. This partner used to purchase sheets and flame-cut blanks in various grades. However, the trend in tunnel construction is moving towards drill heads that are continuously getting bigger. The drill head’s …

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Strong material plus strong first-stage processing: the perfect solution for series production

Because of its expertise in prefabrication, UnionStahl is often asked to provide support in the development of solutions for subsequent series production. In the current example, UnionStahl has been active for the market leader in the construction of cold milling machines for about twelve years. UnionStahl started out supplying flame-cut parts, but eventually also moved on to manufacturing machined components and laser parts …

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