2002 - 2020


Foundation of the company

UnionStahl GmbH is founded in 2002. Our administration is located in the former Krupp administration building in Duisburg-Rheinhausen and our first plate stocks are stored in forwarding warehouses. Our sales offices in Regensburg and Göppingen are responsible for steel processing companies in southern Germany, and we open a new office in Saarbrücken.


We begin the construction of our own hall complex and administration building at the new Logport site – the former site of the Krupp steelworks at Duisburg-Rheinhausen. 3 halls are ready for occupancy by spring 2003. The warehouse and the flaming plant take up their operations.


In the spring of 2004, the administration moves to the new administration building. Meanwhile, the number of employees grows to 89.


The Dresden sales office is opened.


3 new halls and an open air warehouse are added to the plant. Inventories are expanded to include more qualities – such as offshore and plates acc. to DBS 918002 – thicknesses and dimensions, in order to meet the needs of the market.

UnionStahl opens a sales office in the Netherlands.


UnionStahl introduces barcode technology to identify and track the material at any point in time and production status.

We open sales offices in Belgium and Hungary.


In order to offer our customers complete solutions, we expand our range of services to include laser cutting and pre-finished components. For this purpose, we build a hall complex with laser systems and a machining centre at the Duisburg-Rheinhausen site. UnionStahl grows quickly in the first 5 years, and the administration building becomes too small. Another floor is added to the main building.


UnionStahl opens a sales office in Austria.


A sales office is opened in France.


UnionStahl opens a sales office in Frankfurt am Main.


The high utilisation of our laser systems and the machining centre requires the expansion of these production areas. 2 new halls are built to house a broader range of machinery.


UnionStahl has grown exponentially since the company was founded in 2002. We are the leading heavy plate specialists, employing a workforce of around 300, operating numerous sales offices worldwide and a comprehensive service portfolio offering a unique stock, oxy-fuel, plasma and laser cutting services, and a processing centre.


Halls 11 and 12 are being added to the hall complex. Here, we store strip in various grades, which can be fed to our laser systems for further processing in a short time.

With our unique stock, autogenous, plasma and laser burning options and processing centre, we are one of the leading heavy plate specialists.

2002 wurde das Unternehmen, die UnionStahl GmbH gegründet.