We supply optimised materials exceeding the standards to fulfil your orders:

We are one of the few dealers in Europe to offer plate for duct/construction pipes compliant with ISO 3183 (up to L485 ME or API 5L X70) from stock.

Plate for pipe/construction tubes (as per ISO 3183)
QualitiesThicknesses (mm)Widths (mm)Lengths (mm)Inspection certificates acc. to
DIN EN 10204
L245 NE/
6 – 602.000 – 4.000to 16.0003.1
L360 NE/
API 5L X52
6 – 602.000 – 4.000to 16.0003.1
L415 ME/
API 5L X60
8 – 402.000 – 3.500to 16.0003.1
L450 ME/
API 5L X65
8 – 402.000 – 3.500to 16.0003.1
L485 ME/
API 5L X70
8 – 402.000 – 3.500to 16.0003.1

Plate for pipes and construction tubes

UnionStahl is one of the few dealers in Europe to offer plate for pipe/construction tubes compliant with ISO 3183 from stock.

This type of longitudinally welded pipes are used in a wide variety of applications. Industries include the oil, gas, chemicals and construction industries.

The finished pipes are deployed in refineries, desalination plants and gas purification plants, or employed as media transport pipes. The pipes must withstand a wide range of extremely demanding conditions. For example, Arctic temperatures or the pressures of the deep sea. Only in this way can long oil and gas transport routes be overcome and energy supplies secured.

In addition, pipes fulfil structural and decorative functions in the construction of bridges, stadiums or buildings.

Pipes are manufactured in supply grades normalised, thermomechanically rolled or tempered.

We stock Linepipe steels in the normalised (L245 NE/API 5L size B, L360 NE/API 5L X52) and thermomechanically rolled (L415 ME/API 5L X60, L450 ME/API 5L X65, L485 ME/API 5L X70) supply grades.

Our stock of Linepipe steels meets the demands of PSL 1 and PSL 2.

We stock Linepipe steel heavy plate up to a width of 4,000 mm and a length of 16,000 mm in our warehouse.

UnionStahl offers support in compiling your specifications and in implementing your projects.