UnionStahl ensures short and reliable delivery times, efficient and economical production. This is enabled by our specialized personnel and laser systems on a high technical level.

Depending on the material quality, we cut thicknesses of up to 25 mm.

Laser systems up to 12 kW and table sizes up to 4 x 18 m are available for this purpose.

Advantages of laser cutting

Wir liefern Ihnen qualitativ und technisch hochwertige Einzelstücke
  • Laser systems up to 10 kW
  • Small heat-affected zone
  • No to minimal distortion due to heat
  • Smallest tolerances possible (+/-0.1 mm)

Minimal angular deviation (max. 0.3 mm); lower tolerances after consultation. Little to no reworking of the cutting contours.

Flaming and laser tolerances

Flaming tolerances according to EN ISO 9013 or after consultation.


The handling and production of three-dimensional components of all sorts is part of our daily work.

We can process all current file formats (for example .step, .iges, .prt, .ipt, .sldprt etc).

Preferred drawing formats

.dxf, .dwg

Weld seam preparation (bevelling)

In order to ensure an optimum seam connection during welding, it is necessary to prepare a chamfer on the burning blank.

We offer our customers different possibilities of production:

Mechanically introduced

  • Grinding units:
    – Bevelling at 9 m per cycle
    – Workpiece thickness up to 100 mm and width from 100 mm
    – Adjustment without need to rotate the component
    – 85° upper and 45° lower chamfer
  • Beveller:
    – no component length restriction
    – Workpiece thickness up to 50 mm


Automatically introduced

  • 6-axis robots (bevelling in two planes, as well as contours)
  • Guaranteed repeat accuracy
  • Bevel cut length up to 200 mm
UnionStahl bietet Walzen von Stählen und Grobblechen