In order to realize your orders, we supply you with optimized material beyond the standard:

  • Intermediate widths: 2,250 and 2,750 mm and extrawidths: 3,250, 3,500 and 4,000 mm in P265GH, P295GH, P355GH, P275NH, P275NL2/NL1 and P355NL2/NH
  • Lengths up to 16,000 mm
  • 16Mo3 thicknesses from 160 mm with Z15 testing by the manufacturer
  • 13CrMo4-5, 10CrMo9-10 and X12CrMo5 with notched impact test at -20°C
  • Storage of 13CrMo4-5, 10CrMo9-10 and X12CrMo5 with the highest possible tempering temperatures
Druckbehälterstähle (gem. EN 10028-2/3)
GütenWerkstoff-Nr.Dicken (mm)Breiten (mm)Längen (mm)Prüfbescheinigungen nach
DIN EN 10204
P265GH1.04253 – 2201.000 – 4.000bis 16.0003.1
P295GH1.04816 – 1202.000 – 4.000bis 16.0003.2 TüV, 3.1
P355GH1.04734 – 3501.500 – 4.000bis 16.0003.2 TüV, 3.1
16Mo31.54151,5 – 2501.500 – 3.500bis 16.0003.2 TüV, 3.1
13CrMo4-51.73354 – 2501.500 – 3.000bis 12.0003.2 TüV
10CrMo9-101.73804 – 1501.500 – 3000bis 12.0003.2 TüV
X12CrMo51.73626 – 1002.000 – 3.500bis 14.0003.2 TüV
P275NH1.04874 – 1502.000 – 4.000bis 16.0003.1
P275NL2/NL11.1104/1.04884 – 1502.000 – 4.000bis 16.0003.1
P355NL2/NH1.1106/1.05663 – 3501.500 – 4.000bis 16.0003.2 TüV, 3.1
P460NL2/NH1.8918/1.89355 – 4002.000 – 3.500bis 16.0003.2 TüV

Heavy plates and strip plates for pressure vessels and boiler construction

UnionStahl stores a wide range of grades of pressure vessel steels, making it a strong partner for the production of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, transport vessels and floors.
The customers of the heavy plates and strip plates for pressure vessels and boiler construction stored by us are at home in the petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, food industry, waste management, power plant technology and in the field of energy and environment or their suppliers.
The requirements for the properties of the pressure vessel steel used are high. For example, pressure vessel steel must be able to withstand high pressure. Furthermore, the steels must be suitable for high or low temperatures, depending on the intended use or location. Another feature is the good weldability.
Requires the use of corrosion resistance is UnionStahl. Your strong partner. We specialize in these and store corresponding sour gas-resistant steels.
UnionStahl stores material from well-known Western European manufacturers, which are approved by the important decision-makers in the energy, oil and gas sectors.

A wide range of pressure vessel steels

The steels we supply for pressure vessel and boiler construction comply with international standards and regulations.
In our stock you will find pressure vessel steel – unalloyed, alloyed, heat-resistant – according to DIN EN 10028-2 and weldable fine-grained structural steels – normalized – according to DIN EN 10028-3.
UnionStahl stores heavy plates for pressure vessels and boiler construction in as many dimensions as possible in order to be able to optimally serve every need of our customers. Widths of up to 4,000 mm and lengths of up to 16,000 mm – these extraordinary sizes are not uncommon for us.
By stockpiling intermediate thicknesses, we make it possible to save the weight of the containers.
Subsequent tests such as PWHT, hardness verification, tensile test and notched impact test are among the things we offer in order to meet the most diverse, extensive specifications of our customers. We support you in the processing of specifications and advise you on the realization of your project.