Case hardening steels (as per EN 10084)
QualitiesMaterial No.Thicknesses (mm)Widths (mm)Lengths (mm)Inspection certificates acc. to DIN EN 10204
16MnCr51.71313 – 1501.000 – 3.000to 12.0003.1
20MnCr51.71478 – 1502.000 – 3.000to 12.0003.1

Case hardening steel

Case hardened steel is a non-alloy or low-alloy steel. The carbon content is between 0.1 and 0.2%. Case hardening forms a hard boundary layer with a simultaneously tough core. The surface of the steel is thus hard and resistant. Case hardened steel is therefore characterised by its very high wear resistance.

Case hardening comprises the stages carburising, hardening and tempering.
Because of its properties, case hardened steel is primarily used in the mechanical engineering field. For example, the following components are produced from case hardened steel: gear wheels, bolts, drive shafts, universal joints and camshafts.
In order for these components to withstand their intended use, the surface must be wear resistant, the steel must be strong and still have a tough core.

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