We supply optimised materials exceeding the standards to fulfil your orders:

  • Overwidths: 3.500 and 4.000 mm
  • Lengths up to 16.000 mm
  • Test certificates 3.2 DNV
Weldable fine grain steels (as per EN 10025-3/4)
QualitiesMaterial No.Thicknesses (mm)Widths (mm)Lengths (mm)Inspection certificates acc. to DIN EN 10204
S275NL1.04914 –1502.000 – 4.000to 16.0003.1
S355NL1.05463 – 3501.500 – 4.000to 16.0003.2 DNV, 3.2 LRQA, 3.1
S355ML1.88346 –1502.000 – 3.500to 16.0003.2 DNV, 3.2 LR, 3.2 LRQA, 3.1
S460NL1.89035 – 4001.000 – 3.500to 16.0003.2 DNV, 3.1
S460ML1.88388 –1502.000 – 3.500to 16.0003.2 LR, 3.2 LRQA, 3.1

What is the difference between non-alloy structural steels and fine grained structural steels?

Fine grained structural steels are very well suited for welding. To achieve this property the carbon content is limited to 0.20% maximum, among other things. Carbon has a negative impact on the welding suitability of steel. Moreover, fine grained structural steels are characterised by the fine grain, as a result of the addition of alloying elements.

Fine grained structural steels are very tough, resulting in better processing properties. This material can be easily welded and is used in the production of load-bearing welded structures.

Fine grain steels can be produced for supply either normalised or thermomechanically rolled. UnionStahl stocks both types of plate compliant with EN 10025-3 and EN 10025-4.

By normalising, the plates are returned to their original microstructure and are therefore suitable for production by hot forming or the production step known as normalising.

Thermomechanically manufactured plates are characterised – as a result of the manufacturing process – by their fine grains, great toughness and strength. Heavy plates can be easily cold formed.

UnionStahl stocks S275NL, S355NL, S355ML, S460NL and S460ML qualities with notch impact tests at -50 °C. This means the heavy plates are suitable for use at low temperatures.

At UnionStahl you will find plates up to 4,000 mm wide and 16,000 mm long in stock. The weldable fine grained steels are certified with 3.2 DNV.

The weldable fine grain steels are employed in the production of pressure vessels, in offshore applications, wind turbines and in steel construction.

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