UnionStahl at the 39th Steel Construction Conference

At this year's 39th Steel Construction Conference, topics from research and development, along with current economic and legal topics, were on the agenda.

UnionStahl was there to seek dialogue with regional steelworkers and to listen attentively to the speakers' exciting speeches.

The present steelworkers presented their current projects in steel construction, building construction and bridge construction; and they also presented their gained experiences, problems and planning masterpieces.

Problems in the realization of construction projects were not only based on planning and constructive conflicts. Climate and transport-related challenges also had to be mastered in some cases.
The entrepreneurs were faced with the task to ensure a realization of the construction project by extraordinary and almost adventurous solutions. For this, they have overcome "impossible" hurdles and milestones.

In addition to the presented construction projects, economic aspects were also discussed. As a case study, the planning model of a bridge in Germany was presented. Here, the longevity of a construction project was compared with the planning costs. The result of this comparison was, that a low-cost structural steel in S355NL is not necessarily the more cost-effective pricing model, compared with a high-strength structural steel in S460NL.
This results from the peculiarities of S460NL steel. Its excellent mechanical properties can increase longevity. And in addition, the processor additionally benefits from the better welding properties.