High temperature pressure vessel steels – 16Mo3

This steel is characterised by good weldability. 16Mo3 is particularly suitable as a tube material for boiler construction, as a superheater tube, superheated steam pipe and collector tube, as a furnace and line pipe, for heat exchangers and for the petroleum industry.

collector tube, as furnace and line pipe, for heat exchangers and for purposes in the petroleum processing industry. It can be used in continuous operation up to about 530 °C wall temperature.

The steel 16Mo3 can be welded in all thicknesses according to the welding methods mentioned. The workpieces must be preheated to 200 °C for thicknesses > 10 mm.

When flame cutting larger wall thicknesses, the zone to be cut must be preheated to about 200 °C.

The steels in this series have good cold and hot forming properties.

The difference between 16MO3 and standard structural steel

16Mo3 can be used for higher temperatures, standard construction steel S235JR can be used up to 300°C.

For higher temperatures, heat-resistant steels have therefore been developed, such as 16Mo3, which can be used up to approx. 450°C due to its chemical composition. However, the difference to stainless steel is that it is more susceptible to corrosion. On the other hand, the procurement price is significantly lower.