About steels that are resistant to sour gas:

A high degree of purity, homogeneous microstructure and low sulphur content are the most important prerequisites for preventing hydrogen-induced cracking (HIC).

This characteristic is particularly important for pipelines and pressure vessels intended for storing and transporting sour gas.

This is a key factor for the petrochemical industry in particular.

UnionStahl stores steels resistant to sour gas specially developed for this purpose.

The sour gas-resistant steels are tested by metal sheet manufacturers for HIC resistance in compliance with NACE TM 0284. Samples are taken from the heavy plate and placed in a saturated hydrogen sulphide solution for 96 hours. The samples are then metallographically examined. Cracking susceptibility is evaluated using the criteria CLR (crack length ratio), CTR (crack thickness ratio) and CSR (crack sensitivity ratio).


More information about sour-gas resistant steels

The plate manufacturer guarantees sour gas resistance in the normalised and stress-relief heat treated condition.

UnionStahl stocks ASTM A/ASME SA 516 Grade 60, 65 and 70. The heavy plates are covered by test certificates 3.2 LR. We are the only warehouse stockist in Europe that also stocks sour gas resistant steels in P355NL2, P355NH and P355GH.


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