About pressure vessel steel P265GH with material number 1.0425 8

Boilerplate P265GH: Steel grade P265GH with material number 1.0425 belongs to the range of heat-resistant pressure vessel steels according to DIN EN 10028-2. P265GH belongs to the non-alloy steels. Non-alloy steel is designed for use in continuous service up to approx. 400°C and for pipes with up to approx. 450°C wall temperature.

Plates made of P265GH feature good weldability and the steels can be easily cold- and hot-formed. The pressure vessel steel with material number 1.0425 can be welded with and without filler metal.

Boilerplate P265GH is used in the manufacturing of pressure vessels, boilers and pipes.

UnionStahl stocks boiler plate P265GH with inspection certificate according to DIN EN 10204 3.1 and AD 2000 W1 as well as according to DIN EN 13445-2.

Product portfolio: P265GH boilerplate permanently in stock

We stock this steel grade in thicknesses ranging from 3 to 300 mm with widths up to 4,000 mm and lengths up to 16,000 mm. By stocking intermediate thicknesses, our customers can save on the weight of the containers.

In addition to steel grade P265GH, UnionStahl also stocks a large number of other pressure vessel steels in accordance with DIN EN 10028-2 and is thus a strong supplier for the production of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, transport containers and floors. Weldable fine-grained structural steels according to DIN EN 10028-3 continue to be a highlight of our supply programme.

With a well-stocked inventory, short delivery times and qualified advice, UnionStahl is your high-performance partner for boilerplate P265GH!

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Besides simple plates, our flame-cutting and prefabrication services offer you ready-to-install components via processes such as flame-cutting, bevelling, milling, drilling, edging, rolling and welding.

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